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Photos: Streams of Subconsciousness, My Debut LA Solo Show

Thanks to all my Kickstarter supporters, I was able to put on a great show that opened on Dec. 3rd, 2011. We all had such a great time, here are pics from my installation at Hold Up Art Gallery.

Special thanks to everyone that funded this show via Kickstarter:
Nathan Owens
Jenna Quilalang
Joe Frizzell
Peter Tsan
Dan Merino
Stephen Cordova
Dennis Joyce
Lorna Torneros
Mike Clark
Joelle Torneros
Geoff Middleswarth
Pilar Murgui
Tiffany Scott
Evan Scruggs
Keith Vu
Kathryn King
arnold shepherd
Antoinette del Rosario
Glenn Medalle
Peter Songsiri
Ken O’Neill
Jennifer Moy
Tim Moon
Jet Lam
Matteo Rossi
M. D. Nguyen
Matthew Reinbold
Erika La Guardia
Violet & Carl Torneros
Christopher Sullivan
Ernesto Melero
carl brunberg
Caitlyn Durkin
Derek Murphy
Philip Bloom
Liam Spurgeon
Bryan Utech
Jason Yi
Cathy Labucay
Jaemin Yi
Jesse Epstein
Ashley E. Hurst
Carolyn Ngo
Jawara Blake
Alex Shidlovsky
Scott Southall
Matthew Nazareth
Andrew Rose
Miguel Rodriguez
Matthew Manos
Julia Shew
Peter Nguyen
Robert Suguitan
Heather Ripley
Alayna Lim
Roze Ann Alvidera
Jose M. Iniguez
Kristi Lee
Jocelyn Kelly
Fong Katie
Justin Tse
Karla Sin Liu
Patriz Regalado
joe torneros
Jenice Pua
Justin Williams
Diaris Alexander
Lizette Flores
Sean Kenney
Yellie McGill
Vicki Cheng
Denise Tung
Christina Marie
Charles Charles
David Squelch
Peter Gjerset
Jeannette Torneros
Leejay Abucayan
Pia Geena Torneros
Patrick Hawkins
Ruben Beurskens
Thi Nguyen
James Macario
Juner Valencia
Liam Simmons
Grady Justice
Elaine Torneros
Camille Orillaneda
Pamela Lama
mark matsuyama
LeRoid David
Maria Christina Costa
Nikki Tram Dang
Jonathan Chan
Janelle Reonal
Brianna Headsten
Aprilyn Soliman
Frances Ancheta
Fides Torneros
Lily Chan
Carlene Chiu
Damon English
Tiffany Antonio
L.A. Renigen
Vaughn Dabney
LA Underground
Ryan Sole
Darren Field
Romel Pastores
Sarvardy Phin



Hi-Fructose covers ‘Streams of Subconsciousness’

“The other weekend, Hold Up Art Gallery in Los Angeles unveiled a solo exhibition from artist and painter Allison Torneros. Titled ‘Streams of Subconsciousness’, the exhibit featured a large collection of work which was a treat to both fans of the her work and to those who were not aware of her until recently. The gallery space was covered from wall to wall with Torneros’ art which depicts the mundane routine of every day life clashing against moments of surrealism and dream-like settings.”

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